Established North East Clairvoyant with over 30 years experience

Eddy Quinn the clairvoyant.

How long does readings last- I have no specific time limit but on average a reading is around 30 mins

Do you visit me or can I come to you -  I usually only visit clients but now you can arrange a telephone reading

Do you leave spirits at my home -  No I have no control of people from spirit world. They have their own mind and go where they wish. I don't bring or leave any spirits.

Do you do home clearances - No sorry I do not.

How long does it take for someone going into spirit are able to communicate -  Once you have passed into spirit you can usually communicate almost instantly. There isn't a wait of 6 months or a year like some people have been told. Sometimes however they don't come/communicate until you are ready for communication (i.e grieved first)

Do you do daytime or just evening - I am available on a morning or afternoon or an evening

Do you do 1 to 1's or just parties - I have no minimum numbers if you are in a reasonable distance to myself so I am happy to see 1 person or a group. Usually I see each person separate but 2 people can have a reading together if this is required.

Can you tape - Yes you can tape a session. Many times however even though I am taped the recording is often blank/doesn't work so recommend making notes

How do you work -  I work Clairvoyantly (clear seeing), Clairaudiently (clear hearing) and Clairsentiently. Sometime on a reading it can be a mixture of all three when the link is very strong. That is I will see the loved ones. Feel what they feel, how they passed and hear what they say. On some links it may be just one or two.

Can I just have Tarot Card or Spirit Communication. Can I have both -  Each person can chose what they want. Most people like both tarot cards and also spirit communication. Some however, prefer just tarot cards or spirit communication. Its up to each person I speak to. Its all done with love whatever you do chose. There is never anything to be fearful of.